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Ramon E. Vilarino Proprietor of Don Ramon Cuban Cuisine started in the restaurant business in playa de guanabo, cuba in 1970 at the age of 28. He worked his way into the general manager position of a busy pizzeria in the tourist district of the beach.


There he learned the ins and outs of the restaurant business. He has been quoted as saying “that the only thing he got out of the castro regime was a lot of heartache and to learn the business that after so many years his family is still known for.” In 1984 Ramon and his four brothers opened their first restaurant using the experience he acquired while still in Cuba, and the hard work ingrained in them by their father Antonio Vilarino.

Don Ramon Cuban Cuisine

The place was called Don Arturo named after the original owner. Known for their hard work, friendly service and their delicious variety of Cuban Specialties, they own twenty two restaurants today and continue to open restaurants with the help of the younger generation of the Vilarino family. The first Don Ramon Cuban Cuisine was opened in Palm Beach County in 1990. We intend to continue to provide our customers with the same quality service and authentic Cuban cuisine that they have become accustomed to. Thank you all, for your continued support and patronage.

Don Ramon Cuban Cuisine